Recorder Enabler

What is RecordingEnabler.exe?
Standalone exe that needs to be ran once before Screwlab. Screwlab records through your soundcard so it either needs to be manually setup or RecordingEnabler ran.

What does this do?
When you run this exe as administrator, it will enable your recording device, raise the recording max and set it as default.

How will this help me?
When Screwlab is ran it will automatically have the recording section setup. This will make it easier to use

Download RecorderEnabler.exe here

About the Author:

Screwlab is a program designed for slowing down and recording the playback of MP3s. It allows you to play and chop songs in mp3 format. Add a mic and you can give shoutouts on your remixes. Other features include tag editing, choosing bitrate to encode, and ability to record from streaming audio. Use the Record Stream feature to record from Ipods or Windows Media Player to make your own MP3s. Run more than one instance of Screwlab at the same time playing different songs!